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Cpanel improvement suggestions


Hey Guys,Just a few suggestions on/for Cpanel. How about a.. Improved search function- eg. search for my posts by, date(s), topic, forum etc. from inside Cpanel.I've tried searching on my username but it only returns the posts where I started the thread/topic -NOT any posts where I added replys to other topics/posts. Hope this is clear. Getting my last 10 posts thru "mY Assistant" is good but I can see the need for improved searching as the posts pile up. Good so as not to have to remember so much where you've been etc.This would be good for the site also, as members are reading posts and if they have previously posted a solution to the current posters question-then.. be able to quickly point the questioner to a link already in the forums. Might save duplication of info in the forums( eg. cut storage space/bandwidth use) & increase functionality. If all of this is already possible, then somebody just point me in the right direction, pleze.Cheers!


the stuff you are refering to are pre made by the team making /coding the board softwarein this case invisionso we can alter it but major things like search and stuff are sometimes to big to correct ;)take care


I only have one question...what has this got to do with cPanel? cPanel and the forums are two different things... made by two different companys...


he is talking about the board's user control panel. in other words, the place where you change your member title, contact info, sig, etc.


I cant change my user title... there is no option to, there used to be...


Hey Guys,Yes, "no9t9" has it right. I was referring to the boards "user control panel". Specifically, I guess I have a question on how to find &/OR sort all my posts to the forums. Is there an easy way to do this without using the "My Assistant" which only gives a list of my last 10 posts to the forums? I'm probably missing something as it just makes sense that this can be done. If it can't be done, then it would be a benefit for the users of the forums (& conserving/reducing duplicate postings) if they could just point other forum users who have "new" questions that have already been answered to the appropriate thread/topic already posted in the past. Hope this makes more sense.Anybody??Thanks!


its the strangest cpanel ive ever seen never seen a cpanel look like it. IM LOVING IT!!!!!! thankyouuuuu. i prefer it all in 1 screen rather than clicking through sections


My cPanel suggestion would be to.. Wait.. I have no suggestions! The cPanel feature that Xisto provides you with is the BEST one and it is extremely easy to use. I tried the cPanel feature at Fusion X Host and it isn't too good.. I mean, it's good of course but it gets kinda confusing; you have to click through the MySQL Databases section to find a link to phpMyAdmin. ._.


That is actually a forum feature and It will have to be installed by the Invision people. Lets hope they make such a feature. Try posting this request on invisionize.com May be some one will think of making such a script/hack for invision.


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