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My Account Appears To Have Been Suspended - > Why


my account has been suspended for no reasoni have not gotten any meassage nor brake the rulesim active on the boardswhat is the problem??????bosz.info


same here...your cpanel name in the profile can not have any capatals i think...Well i hope i get my accoubt back.... ah well n the mean time...JIPPII


yh its odd is anyone else havin this prob i added my username to my profile ________________________________EditAdmin has clarified everything he told my friend in the announcement above


same with me..i thought that i was in trouble or something...


me too


This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.Wahhh! I hope Admins could do something about this. or maybe our accounts were actually deleted.


Hi,I think you need to add your username to profile.cPanel login username and username in profile MUST be same.I thin you got mai.bye...


Everything is ok, you need to update your cPanle login name...Look at the top of the site...Important Announcement: Important Notice for members who did not update Cpanel setting ( even after a month's time ) UPDATE YOUR CPANEL USERNAME IN YOUR PROFILE IMMEDIATELY! If your account is suspended, It will be enabled automatically within a day. NOTE : CPANEL USERNAME MUST BE AS IT IS, NO CAPS Click HERE TO DO IT NOW. NO FILES HAVE BEEN DELETED. YOUR ACCOUNT IS SAFE.Anyway, Its all been sorted now, OpaQue said in the shoutbox erlier that 20 accounts have been un-suspended...


IF you have eyes you would have seen all of the notices at the headers... so i guess you all don;tThe problem is solved.... there was none in the first place...Just enter the CORRECT cpanel name... with no caps..and that all... it will be back by tomorrow /closed


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