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How To Turn Off The Army System i want to stop...


Once I started army system, but i never have really used it, so I want to stop it. Does anyone have a clue how to do it, or am I just plain stupid.


Thanx in advance.


You can disable it but i am not sure wether it takes it away. If not, youll have to go through and edit the things u did to hide it ORChange everything back to the way it was before installation.I could help as i have install Army a few times but i dont know much about php....


just delete all the army files its that easy


oh, why bring up an old thread? Remember to uninstall them by dropping all the army system sql database...


backup mysql database only in data structure. kill all ipb process. re-install the ipb again then after restore the backup database. there are lot of database tables and scripts modification to original scripts. i tried once before. my suggestion would be risky! wait and see what the all other folks talk about? pls do it only by last choice


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