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i have a questioni created PHPBB forums in my website and i just want to know tht how do i add a googleadsense banner or Xisto banner code at the top of the forums like this forum has it...cuz invasion board is different from phpbb and i knw how to do it for invasion board..


Hum, I'm not sure either, I know in invision you edit the header.php and footer.php files, or something of that nature, but in phpbb I can't be sure. Did you try doing it like you do Invision? If you can't get help here, I suggest going to phpbb's website, and the support section.


well i tried it buh the ADMIN CONTROLLS are really different in phpbb..well i guess i have to go to the phpbb support forums


edit the index.php or the index of the template you are using (dont rember which one sorry)take care :}


Invision Board is very good @ it,s edit of pages. so we can add anything we want in its index or others page.& I think Phpbb can,t do the same thing perfectly


ya i knw buh u still didnt answer my other question

1: Its for invasion board...like i know how to add the banner code at the top of the page buh how to do u do to the bottom of the page like Xisto.com 2: How and from where can i get the BOT or the script tht Xisto uses for the advertisement...u knw the one tht automatically posts the banner in EVERY SINGLE TOPIC...

and i have another question now n tht his tht where can i get tht REPUTATION mod


You can usually add a banner, logo or ad into a phpbb forum by editing the overall_header.tpl file within a given template. Because the main look of the phpbb forums is split up into three sections the overall_header.tpl, the main content, and overall_footer.tpl. It's pretty simple once you get used to it. I've been using phpbb for quite some time now and I like it more than IPB, then again anything free with a GPL license it good, if you know what you're doing anyway.





[EDIT] There is a great pre-modded version of phpbb called phpbb2plus which you can find at phpbb2. It has a banner mod already installed which is editable from the ACP. That might work for you, too. It's one of the best pre-modded forums out there for phpbb.


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