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Karma like reputation, only better


Karma or respect systems have several motivations. Primarily, they give you a sense for the community's opinion of the user. Additionally, they motivate individuals to improve their own ranking by being more personable, knowledgeable, and in general better forum members.

Do you have any ideas on the role or nature of forum karma? Let's hear them!


---- edit: explanation ----


The current reputation system is a single number, which any member can increase or decrease at any time. When you change someone's reputation, you have the opportunity to include a short sentence or so saying why you changed the reputation. Also, the particular thread from which the change was made is displayed. You could check this out - if you were to increase my reputation by clicking the green plus to the left of the post, you would see the mechanism in action.

In a karma system, instead of simply rating someone as good or bad, you could rate them more specifically, for example {+4 personality, -4 expertise, +2 relevance}.


I dont understand how the reputation thing. Can you explain it a bit? What do I do to get a better rep.?


Reputation is what it is. Reputation. Like.. If you post a good tutorial, picture or piece of info, people may give you + reputation. It doesn't really acomplish anything in the forum, but it shows how helpful you are and stuff.If you post bad stuff, break the rules and stuff you'll get - rep, which will eventually go sub-zero. STRIVE FOR REP!


I would like to install a very detailed one kind of a reputation system but this is all that I found. Xisto has been excessively modded and I am afraid If i could mod it further..


Karma is good but can we just stick with what we have. I can't be bothered to start all over again you know ?I was going to install that in my boards but it just messed up. So I had to delete everything. I think it's just the same but more advanced right ?


Yeah,And then there's also those complicated money systems, and all kindsa stuff. Large site populations 1000+ can pull those off sucessfully. But a smaller site is kind-of a waste.Those money systems are like if you make a post that meets the requirment of 'x' lines, you get 'y' amout of money. And then you can spend the 'money' on stuff around the forums, like changing that little name above your ranking (below avatar) and things that add to apperance..Those are good because you can 'donate' money to people too.. even though it's not so much related to karma or rep. systems, It's cool anyway.Panda


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