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Some Of My Ps Work

Good Grief Graphics

The font dosen't match with this one^, but I didn't feel like spending the time on it.

THUMBNAIL LINK^^^ I forgot to change the size of this before I uploaded it


wow really cool man. What software did u use? Photoshop?


They're very nice You are really good..


lol good greif man check out mine!


lol here we go i hope this isnt spam










lol dont look at this blue sig it might burn ur eyes,its ugly i kno but it was his choice



lol rpince of persia week yay!

Good Grief Graphics

Some of your stuff seems kind of dull, try getting more saturation in them, especially on the text in the h3ll one as well as your current sig.


How exactly was the 3rd one done good grief? thats an amazing effect...


I like renegade's dark sigs. THey tight man.

Good Grief Graphics

How exactly was the 3rd one done good grief? thats an amazing effect...


Ahh man, I did that one a while ago, I wich I could remember. I started out with a regular photograph. I really wish I could remember, I like the way it looks.


And if you're wondering aobut the bg pic, it's basically a sepia tonign and then the unsharp mask, a great effect imo.


Yes, you'd be amazed as to what a good ol' Gausian Blur can do for an otherwise boring picture/render/photo. It's great...and covers up mistakes well, too. :rolleyes:But anyways...since I'm in to being constructive, w/ criticism and all...GGG, you might want to bring out your text just a little more. It's hard to see...and after all, it is your name. Otherwise...awesome graphics, by both people. Cool beans.


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