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Cpanel Upload Backup Not Working?


So I cant get cpanel to upload my backup. I says it does it but it wont work. Can anyone help?thanks


Now , i have problems too as you . I seen : "DBI connect('mysql:localhost','root',...) failed: Too many connections at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Mysql.pm line 43 ERROR 1040: Too many connections"And all my database was clear , all user mysql was clear too . I only delete a database and a user mysql but all them is deleted . I don't understand why as so but i'll come back and tried seen them later . Hope admins at here can fix them .


At the moments (few minutes later), i seen everything become normal . I think can machine servers of Xisto being over , them created many errors .


there are so many sql errors because of certain ppl i am not at liberty to mention, testing scripts on traps servers, and messing the sql server up therefore causing these errors. if it doesnt work, and its a sql error, wait 30min to and hr(shouldnt even take 30 min but you never know..) if it still isnt resolved, PM an online mod or admin(preferably admin) and it will be taken care of. if there are no online mods or admins, either wait for one to come on, and if one doesnt in 20-30 min, PM an offline admin.


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