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Doesn't Bandwidth Start Over At The First Of The.. The month?


My sites down for exceeding my bandwidth limit. The cpanel says I havn't used any of this months bandwidth but the sites still down. Help please. ;_;


Can anyone steal bandwidth of you , but cross a pages not in record . Please check your logs to clear .


this is an interesting thing.. maybe ask one of the admins, because last time i checked there is no way to exceed BW without cpanel knowing, seeing on how cpanel runs your site pretty much. PM wassie or spectre or root admin. one of them may know what to do.NOTE:Only pm ONE of them, not all 3, since most of them are busy!


Bandwidth usage 0.00 / 2000 MB Does that mean I have none left or I havn't used any? My sited in my sig.


Bandwidth usage is how much bandwidth you have used, as the name so obviously suggests (or rather, explicitly states). Your current status means that you have used 0.00 MB out of 2,000. Or to put it another way, you have used absolutely no bandwidth, and have 2,000 MB left.*Thread closed.


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