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Oldschool..Its the *BLEEP*my rec used to be 756-231-83 or something, but i stopped playing that gamei think my username was also kill00 ball3r_gunz and sir_gunz


my user name was FLaKes, I dont remember a thing about my score, all I remember is that I spent like the last 6 months when I used to play it in use map setting games like towers and other games. It was a great game. one of the best. Your avatar is funny. Lol.


Starcraft is a classic game, quite a few people still play it im thinking on starting a new clan for it..... although battle net has put out many great games starcraft is still my favorite. Use Map Settings rocks, and as Flakes said, nice avatar.


Although this thread would fit more nicely in the RTS category, I have to agree that Starcraft is great. I play regular (non-money) maps on USWest, so send a whisper to Chron0Trigger if you're on and feel like playing a game.


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