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Habbo Hotel Uk!


Everyone if you play habbo hotel uk please tell me because i love habbo hotel and i am on it 24 7 any ways there are loads of habbo hotel there is about 20 diffrent habbo hotels then there is retros which are people that make there own hotel by scripting but the retro hotels are only v1 u can get v5 and v7 but they are very hard to get because u need to script and code everything which I dont no much about but and way if you go on habbo hotel uk ( http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ ) please pm me and tell me because as I said i am on habbo hotel uk 24 7 my name is champandy on it plase add champandy to you freinds list on habbo hotel uk well any way even if you dont go on habbo hotel uk or dont go on any habbo hotels still pm me and become one of my freinds please because I get board very often


I've played Habbo before (Habbo.co.uk). They're updates get worser and worser. I loved the old layout, and the good old times when V9 was out. Now it just sucks, so I havn't played it for a long time. Also, I have been on retros before, I used to be a server coder on another MMORPG forum. But i've quit Habbo and stopped coding now.


man habbo has been around so long, the only one ill really go to is the uk once. I'm just more use to the people on that one. Lol I live in the you.S. So its just kinda funny. Its cause its the orignal...Damn I rember goin there when I was like 16. Man I'm 19 now...Holy hell


I loved to stay in hotels especially when you are there to unwind and to relax yourself away from your work . Oh ! I loved that!


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