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Runescape Clan Wealthy Warriors 70 + clan or 70 + range/magic


Hi i own a runescape clan called the wealthy warriors and we are a 70+ clan (with the exception of pures which have 70+ range or magic). We welcome anyone with level 70 combat or over to join, and will be doing events, such as: castle wars, dual arena, the fight pits, pking trips, and combat and non-combat training hours. We currently have two members beastjordan (75) beastflemo90 (88).

Forum: http://z11.invisionfree.com/The_wealthy_warriors/index.php

Consider Joining! thanks alot beastjordan (clan leader)

quick find code on runescape forums: 44-45-685-33115299



Want to merge clans or be ally/war - sign up here


hey i got a lvl 84 but i dont play any more and a lvly 64 that i want to join on my stats on 64 are:50 att60 str7 def 27 or so pray84 range83 magethose are my 64's stats if u want me in ur clan message me at xpuremage17x or str baby 118 also my msn email is mark.laurila@hotmail.com so talk to me


Replying to beastjordanI'm LVL 74 ILL JOIN your CLAN MY SATS are CURENTTLY ATTK:61 STR:61 HP:61 DEF:60 MAGE:40 RANGE:33 JUST PM JITIJ


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