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hello i m new in this server making

recently i made a server

but doesnot know anything much about it

like how to make gm, changing npc, using @ commands


can any one tell me wat to copy, where to copy the changing of @ comands,etc.

i tried in server its display the message only cant use it help me pls


Er, for that, you might want to try a specific RO forum? It's highly unlikely someone here would know that.


If you don't know how to change those stuff. Then youre going to FAIL in making a private server. Im sorry, but you're not the only n00b who wants to make a private RO server. Try using google for help.


LOL...here i play bRO....but existing many pirates servers and this is so noob!!!


When i run the 3 Exe files.. All i get is a infinite loop saying CRASH and tat there will be reconnection in 15seconds..I followed the guide totally..What should i do?I also get along with this, that PING is not recognisable.. Any idea how to solve my problem?


Also, it's not a good idea in running a server of a game you know nothing about. That results in poor administration, a broken game, and an unfulfillable experience. I've seen really broken private servers, so bad that the real legit servers were better.And you need a degree of networking experience to pull this off well.


He didn't ask for your opinions on that subject. He asked how to do a specific thing. If you can't stay on topic the thread will be closed.


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