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Rf Online


Hi guys,

yesterday i dicovered a new game, called RF online.
Its a cool rpg and its free . For some information check this link:

I'm playing the game for about 2 days now. And i love it!
I'm playing on the server 'Return of Ares'. You have to download at their site if you want to play the game.
You can find their website here: http://ww17.returnofares.com/home.php?agree
For information how to install and the download visit this link: http://ww17.returnofares.com/forum/showthread.php?t=149

You got 3 races, what you can read on their website. There is PvP and all in the game.
The good part is that its free, and the gm's are doing tournaments and tresure hunting things. This makes it allot of fun to play. And no lag .
It has pretty good graphics, and everybody speaks english.
Anyway, if your going to play this game, please reply, and you can talk to me in the game.
I'm of the race 'Cora'.
My name in the game also is 'Wassie' (With the bigger W).
You can talk to me in game by typing '/Wassie ' and your message.

See you in the game


Yes I heard about the game, it's pretty cool I think I will start playing =D


cool ,pm me in the game


I will as soon has I install it


I think tha the raze depends in want you want to be:For example if you want to be an especialist choose Bellato because the Mau If you dont know what they are, they are big machines very cool.if you want to be a mage be coraIf you want to be a warrior be a accreditaBut is just my opinion


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