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Well the greatest game ever released to X-Box 360 (in my opinion) is coming!!When people bought halo 2 some thought the game would finish in halo 2 but when they see the final movie they say to themself's: "OMFG!!!!!!"In halo 3 the humans and convnent will finally "fuse" forces against the "flud".The flud was a virus that started to mutate the humans and turn them almost invulnerable against convnent weapons and when they discovered they decided to "hide" the case and eleminated all humans there and close the laboratory... After some years humans re-descovered that laboratory and the virus started to re-afecting the humans, but for theyr bad the "flud" began to make monstruous mutations.... And the "flud" started killing humans and convnent troops... Therefore the onlt chance they had was to "fuse" forces...ehehe please post your opinions about Halo 3PS: Sorry for the mistakes but i'm portuguese eheheh


I think Halo 3 will have covenant civil war. Hopefully not another Halo. And it will have the Arc too. I can't wait till Halo 2 comes out for Windows. I don't have an Xbox or Xbox 360.


Halo 2 is recomended xD From Halo 1 to Halo 2 there are HUUUGGEEEEE diferences like: remember those big black tanks that fire plasma balls? Now you can use them and you have 2 new artogs, you can steal enemies vehicles by kicking them out, you can also destroy those anoying alien battle ships.(you will play has convenant too)


I can't wait for this game to come out. This is the game that have made people want a xbox 360. When it comes out a lot of people who haven't already baught one will be getting one. I can't wait to play it and see the new features. It should be amazing and i am sure it will live up to all the hype. I can't wait to see how it looks the graphics should be really amazing. I wish it would come out soon.

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when i heard that halo 3 is coming out some time back i was happy. i have always liked that halo's since it came out. i loved both of them. for the graphics and gameplay. the story was great too. i only have a regular xbox now. but when halo 3 comes out i will probly be getting a xbox 360. cant wait till the game comes out though.


i cant wait till it comes out. It was the main reason for buying an Xbox 360


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