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New Runescape Pure Clan .:destiny Pures:.

pur3 str652

Hi my name is pur3 str652 and i have created a pure clan called destiny pures. it is new so we do not have that many members. hopefully we will get quite a few. the requirements to join is that you must have a pure with a combat lvl of 43-50. we will be having many pk trips and will be owning in the wild. so please if you are interested and you are a pure please join.


hybrid optionNew Runescape Pure Clan .:destiny Pures:.

 I have a ranged/melee pure. I range then take out a b axe or 2h when my oppenent is down low. You will probably see a lot of pures do this if you watch a pvp video or go on a pvp world. I think you should make a hybrid option.


double/hybrid pure

level 48 in two combat skills (mage, range, or str) and 40 atk if str is one of the two choices.

Also I think you should add under 20 def to each one so that only pures join.

another suggestion is to make a uniform like a team cape and a robe.

-question by john



just saying New Runescape Pure Clan .:destiny Pures:.

add me my states are 10att 60str 40hp 2 def 1range 1mage... And you no the great thing is that I'm only 33combat lvl hehehe... And I have over 1m.. And it only took me less then 2 weeks lol/txtmngr/images/smileys/smiley4.Gif


-reply by pk titann


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