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Sci-fi Genre, Is It Dead? Has the space games time passed?


Does anyone actually play these games anymore? I sitll love a game of Freelancer, Darkstar One or X3. Am I the only one around that enjoys these? I was just wondering.


Is it dead? Not by a long shot. Half-Life 2, Halo, Command & Conquer, they're all sci-fi, and they are far from dead, my friend.


The niche has disappeared. I grew up on the Wing Commander games, Privateer being one of my all time favorites, and the Xwing Series, and Freespace. I never played free lancer.Check out Vegastrike.sourceforge.net Vegastrike is an opensource game and there is a remake version of WC privateer all freely available. Another game to check out is Battlestar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line. BSG:BRL is based on the Freespace 2 code (now opensource) and when it is released will be a totally awsome game I might have to get a new PC game for. (this is a fan made project)I still have my PS2 from my college days and often play Battlefront I & II with friends, along with the lego starwars games, but given what they want for a 360 or PS3...I'm thinking I'm getting out of gaming as I play a couple hours a week now.


Are you serrious... they latest one is PREY... might I say an awsome game, though its a bit weird because of gravity switching.


I like the scifi genere very much.Right now i am looking to a cerie call blade like the movie but it was cancelledrecently, so i am upset.But i recomended to all people who ask


Anything but dead. There are still loads of Sci-fi games coming out soon. Dawn of War Dark Crusade, Halo 3 etc.I tried the Vegastrike game, but it slowed to a halt (3fps) when approaching planets or other objects, so I had to uninstall it. I imagine I will play it again when I get a better PC.


Okay, my fault on this one, that is a poor question I posed, I more ment are space games dead? But yes, I can see that the Sci-Fi genre is alive, and doing well. I will check out that game when I get home, what were your specs Yacoby? But, yes, Prey is an excellent game. I still cant wait for them to let Halo 2 out on the PC, but I don't think that will ever happen. Shame, that really could be something.


what were your specs Yacoby?

Geforce 4 Go 16Mb
256Mb Ram
Win XP
1.6Ghz Celeron

I still cant wait for them to let Halo 2 out on the PC, but I don't think that will ever happen. Shame, that really could be something.

I think they were going to bring it out as a DX10 Game for Vista


I took that as the space sim market. I remember when Doom 3 game out, we played it at one of my friend's house one night on his xbox. After 6 hours of going, "wow, these are cool graphics: nowhere is some ducttape so I can attach the flash light to my gun" we got extremely board beginning to realize "Wait a minute...this is Doom 1 with better graphics." I don't think any of us even finished the game. We got board. Just like 50 other FPS games out there on the market all trying to sell eye candy instead of the game. KOTOR I for the Xbox was one of the best games I had played in years. Graphics were good, but the story line and characters were fantastic. That game was fun because of the characters mixed with a decent story line that made you want to play. I remember spending about a week at a friend's house as we took turns playing the game trying to beat it in 40 hours. It was fun not only to play, but just to sit there and watch...while drinking lots of vodka. Same friend rented Halo 2 when it came out and we beat it on medium in coop in a single weekend and thought: Well that sucked...it's over all ready. I'm getting harder to please in my old age I guess...


I play Halo 2 all the time with my friends, bit, yes, I don't so much play it, as drink copious amounts of alcohol and then 'try' andnd play it. Now that's what i call entertainment. Maybe you could even go back to old doom, if you have enough beer but I can certainly see where you are coming from. FPS games are just getting the same old zzzz shoot your gun and kill something. I was always looking for something new and intuitive in the FPS market, but nothing really comes around. I normally just end up playing mroe diverse games. One of the reasons I like Space sims! lol. That said, there is always gonna be somethign remarkably satisfying about planting hot lead in someone's head. The core of FPS games doesnt get old that easily at all.


I think galagtic civilization II is also a good sf game altough, it's a turn based gamewhy would the sf games be dead? each game has new ideas about the future and sf stuff...

red flag

Absolutely not out of style. Look at Doom 3, Quake, and other Sci-Fi shooters and stuff. Will never fade. Anything Sci-Fi has to be creative and fun to play.


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