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I can't beleive no one here has said anything about Elysium.

Elysium is a older game maker that recently has made a big comeback

as an easy, but completely customizable game maker.


It uses Visual Basic 6 coding, along with simple BMP graphics

files and tilesets.


It is a 2D gamemaker, but good 2D.


A standard game would be about 100-200MBs big with it (client)

And the server 20-40MBs.


Although one of the main catches is that you need a good host

to run this. It uses up bandwidth like crazy

(Unless you convert it to IOCP instead of its native packet system)


There are actually several different companies/organizations creating

engines out of it here are the ones I know of:


Elysium (Well known for Diamond): http://splamm.com/elysium/

Eclipse (This version isn't opensource, and doesn't have good rep with other makers): http://ww38.touchofdeathproductions.com/

Elysium Blue (Converge with Greentail): http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


And for those who are wondering, Elysium's definition is: "the abode of the blessed after death in classical mythology"

or: "paradise"

Zero Ziat

Oh, I used Elysium time ago. It was boring and it was most-likely a dead community which I didn't get, and the games where really odd. O.o; Despite the fact it didn't work well for me, it was a bit ok, but I'd rather recommend a web search on another kind of program. Elysium bored me to death. :SNever thought of making a thread about it.



Alot has changed in the past four years.

You can download the source for Eclipse now, and the newest version has many more features (scripted tiles, scripted npcs, scripted items, scripted spells, custom popup menus, player-prompts, more attributes, working paperdoll, virtually no bugs, etc).

Further, the newest version is being rewritten in Java, rather than Visual Basic 6.0


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