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ok, im making a small website for my clan and i was wondering if it is posable to make forums on the site like php did it but with html. is it posable using codes? does it work out like the php sites? or do you have to link to a seperate thing and then link back if you want to go back to the website?I am very new to html and im using dreamweaver which is helping me out a lot but you cant get programs to do everything for you... saddly. well if someone can mabey help me out with those questions that would be a great help and save me a lot of time trying to answere them myself.

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i do not quite understand what you mean...what i got from this post was you want to know if you can host forums on the webhosting you would get from Xisto.is that is the question, the answer would most definatly be yes.there are a few ways you can put forums on your websiteA - There is somthing called fantastico in the Cpanel and it has 3 or so forums you can install my clicking a button and entering a small amount of informationB - you can find a forum that you are capible of downloading by yourself, for example PHPBB or MyBB or SMS are a few downloadable forums.when you download the forums you would upload them to your webhosting account and set them up, and there should be a tutorial on how to do that within the files that you downloadedgood luck with your clan website


what i actualy ment is if i could put forums on this website: http://arc-squad.atspace.com/ under the forums are. like in php all you do is click forums and it pops up with forums but when you are done with forums you still have that navagation bar on the left so you can go anywear els on the site.

i was wondering if you could do same on this website?

its still under construction... (need help with html) but i think it looks good so far. considering i have no idea what im doing... so that is why i ask here for help. from the guys taht can help. thanks for the quick reply


What you can do is have a php based forum and use a portal, they usuly dont come with the forum but is a mod/hack you can add on, a portal looks somthing like this (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/) as you can see on the right there is a navigatiion bar which you can put links to anything in.OrYou can code it so that you create a navigation bar in html and then put the whole php based forum next to it. I cant realy exokain that well but basicaly if you are using frontpage (i know you are using dreamweaver but i have never had any experience with it) you would drag a cell and then enter the html code link to your forum. Im not sure if that makes sence, sorry


well you answered my question. Thanks.


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