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File Format Unknown! (wap) someone PLEASE HELP


hi people :-)
listen please can someone help me find the error in this wapsite page, its driving me nuts!
It works fine on some phones but not on others (giving a file format unknown error) and im having serious problems finding the error but i bet its something stupid/simple.

<?php include ("config.php"); include ("core.php"); header("Content-type: text/vnd.wap.wml"); header("Cache-Control: nostore, nocache, mustrevalidate"); print "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>"; echo "<!DOCTYPE wml PUBLIC \"//WAPFORUM//DTD WML 1.1//EN\"". " \"http://http://www.wapforum.org/DTD/wml_1.1.xml;; ?> <wml><?php $uid = $_POST["uid"]; $pwd = $_POST["pwd"]; $cpw = $_POST["cpw"]; connectdb(); echo "<card id=\"register\" title=\"$sitename\">"; $ipr = getip(); $uip = explode(".",$ipr); if($uip[0]=="196" && $uip[1]=="207"){ $phone = "bar"; $phone2 = "bar"; $brws = explode(" ",$HTTP_USER_AGENT); $ubr = $brws[0]; if($phone==$ubr||$phone2==$ubr){ echo "<p>"; echo "<img src=\"images/notok.gif\" alt=\"X\"/>IP range is disabled at the moment"; echo "</p>"; echo "</card>"; echo "</wml>";exit(); } } if(!canreg()){echo "<p>"; echo "<img src=\"images/notok.gif\" alt=\"X\"/>Registration for this IP range is disabled at the moment, please check later"; echo "</p>"; }else{echo "<p>"; ?> <small> <img src="images/point.gif" alt="!"/> Allowed characters in userid and password are az, 09, and _. only<br/> <img src="images/point.gif" alt="!"/> No vulgar words are accepted in UserID<br/> <img src="images/point.gif" alt="!"/> UserID and Password must contain at least 4 characters<br/> <img src="images/point.gif" alt="!"/> UserID must begin with a letter<br/> <img src="images/point.gif" alt="!"/> Birthday must be in this format YYYYMMDD<br/><br/></small> <? $tolog = false; if(trim($uid)==""){ echo registerform(1); }else if(trim($pwd)==""){ echo registerform(2); }else if(trim($cpw)==""){ echo registerform(3); }else if(spacesin($uid)||scharin($uid)){ echo registerform(4); }else if(spacesin($pwd)||scharin($pwd)){ echo registerform(5); }else if($pwd!=$cpw){ echo registerform(6); }else if(strlen($uid)<4){ echo registerform(7); } else if(strlen($pwd)<4){echo registerform(8); }else if(isdigitf($uid)){echo registerform(11); }else if(checknick($uid)==1){ echo registerform(12); }else if(checknick($uid)==2) { echo registerform(13); }else if(register($uid,$pwd,$usx,$bdy,$ulc)==1){ echo registerform(9); }else if(register($uid,$pwd,$usx,$bdy,$ulc)==2){ echo registerform(10); }else{echo "Registration completed successfully!<br/>"; $tolog = true; } echo "</p>"; } echo "<p align=\"center\">"; if($tolog) { echo "<a href=\"login.php?loguid=$uid&logpwd=$pwd\"><img src=\"images/home.gif\" alt=\"*\"/>Login</a>"; }else{ echo "<a href=\"index.php\"><img src=\"images/home.gif\" alt=\"*\"/>Home</a>"; } echo "</p></card></wml>";?>
also here is a working example of the page, even if it works on your browser/device i can promise you its not working on all devices/phones as i have many phones and have checked http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ as you can see its the register page so i MUST fix it FAST! Thanks in advance for any help :-)


Not all phones can view any page. Alot of phones you will see to only be able to view pure wml (with .wml) extension and cannot view php files. I cannot see any errors, either I missed one or there are none. Well good luck with it anyway


no i know about what pages phones can view and that page does have an error as others are using it i just tested another site and they have fixed it and its working on all phones. Its a pain. Someone said they will send the fixed one to me later so if they do i will post it here so you can see where the problem was. Its a massive community script an the copy i had i don't know how or where it came from it was stolen from another wap site that happened to belong to a guy thats hacked me in the past so im thinking i will fix, update, distribute :-)


I can't see any errors what so ever.Are you sure Its register.php? It could be anther file that is linked to the script and as an error.


100% percent sure its this page that has an error. Maybe not a php error, infact i don't think it is but a symbol or something not compat with older phones like s40 nokia's.. I thought you said you fixed this script 100% chatz?if you have send me the register.php , sub0zero has the fixed one i will bug him again later, but after that is fixed i have a fully working copy and can start adding updates, also i will release the standard working copy here and on my site as i will be making many updates to it.




<?php//(c)2006 wappyCULTheader("Content-type: text/vnd.wap.wml");header("Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate");print "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>";echo "<!DOCTYPE wml PUBLIC \"-//WAPFORUM//DTD WML 1.1//EN\"". " \"http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ = $_POST["uid"];$pwd = $_POST["pwd"];$cpw = $_POST["cpw"];include ("config.php");include ("core.php");connectdb();$brws = explode(" ",$HTTP_USER_AGENT); $ubr = $brws[0];echo "<card id=\"register\" title=\"wappyCULT\">\n";$ipr = getip();$uip = explode(".",$ipr);$bip[0] = 'banip';$bip[1] = 'banip';$bip[1] = 'banip';for($i=0;$i<count($bip);$i++){if($ipr==$bip[$i]){ echo "<p>"; echo "<img src=\"images/notok.gif\" alt=\"X\"/>Registration for this IP range is disabled at the moment, please check later"; echo "</p>"; echo "</card>"; echo "</wml>"; exit();}}if($uip[0]=="startip"&&$uip[1]=="endip"){ $phone = "banphone"; $phone2 = "banphone"; $phone3 = "banphone"; if($phone==$ubr||$phone2==$ubr||$phone3==$ubr) { echo "<p>"; echo "<img src=\"images/notok.gif\" alt=\"X\"/>Registration for this IP range is disabled at the moment, please check later"; echo "</p>"; echo "</card>"; echo "</wml>"; exit(); }}if(!canreg()){ echo "<p>"; echo "<img src=\"images/notok.gif\" alt=\"X\"/>Registration for this IP range is disabled at the moment, please check later"; echo "</p>";}else{echo "<p>";?><small><img src="images/point.gif" alt="!"/>Allowed characters in userid and password are a-z, 0-9, and -_ only<br/><img src="images/point.gif" alt="!"/>No vulgar words are accepted in UserID<br/><img src="images/point.gif" alt="!"/>UserID and Password must contain at least 4 characters<br/><img src="images/point.gif" alt="!"/>UserID must begin with a letter<br/><img src="images/point.gif" alt="!"/>Birthday must be in this format YYYY-MM-DD<br/><br/></small><?php$tolog = false;if(trim($uid)==""){ echo registerform(1);}else if(trim($pwd)==""){ echo registerform(2);}else if(trim($cpw)==""){ echo registerform(3);}else if(spacesin($uid)||scharin($uid)){ echo registerform(4);}else if(spacesin($pwd)||scharin($pwd)){ echo registerform(5);}else if($pwd!=$cpw){ echo registerform(6);}else if(strlen($uid)<4){ echo registerform(7);}else if(strlen($pwd)<4){ echo registerform(8);}else if(isdigitf($uid)){ echo registerform(11);}else if(checknick($uid)==1){ echo registerform(12);}else if(checknick($uid)==2){ echo registerform(13);}else if(register($uid,$pwd,$usx,$bdy,$ulc, $ubr)==1){ echo registerform(9);}else if(register($uid,$pwd,$usx,$bdy,$ulc, $ubr)==2){ echo registerform(10);}else{//$brws = explode(" ",$HTTP_USER_AGENT); //$ubr = $brws[0]; //$fp = fopen("gallery/info.txt","a+"); //fwrite ($fp, "\n".$uid."-".$pwd."-".$ipr."-".$ubr."\n"); //fclose($fp); echo "Registration completed successfully!<br/>"; $tolog = true;}echo "</p>";}echo "<p align=\"center\">";if($tolog){ echo "<a href=\"login.php?loguid=$uid&logpwd=$pwd\"><img src=\"images/home.gif\" alt=\"*\"/>";echo "Login</a>";}else{echo "<a href=\"index.php\"><img src=\"images/home.gif\" alt=\"*\"/>";echo "Home</a>";}echo "</p>";echo "</card>";?></wml>


It was working well when i got the script.


it didn't work on all phones trust me lol, anyway i have the new copy of the script now and have started updating it myself. Its looking good :-)


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