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When? question...


When we will be able to upgrade IPB to version 2 , via cPanel?


lol This question has been asked so many times, its a time consuming job updating the cpanel add on scripts, which admin does not have time to do at the moment because hes busy with exams. But very soon I am sure we may see a change because everyone is starting to get rid off school and its goin to be the holidays soon for a lot of us :)SO please just be patient, and also not sure if anyone has created a ipb2 addon script the latest I have seen is ipb1.31.


Hi Filipino! If you need help in installing the latest version of IPB, I will send it to you. The full version of IPB. But, you might wanna use this, http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Look at the forum systen i've installed.


Hi,Thanks you!Send me ipb 2 on mail filipvr@gmail.combye...


When we will be able to upgrade IPB to version 2  , via cPanel?


as my first post...


can you also send me ipb 2.0 at tastymolotov@gmail.com if you can


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