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Flash Before Your Eyes


I've been searching for tutorials on how to make a sliding menu in Flash. Here's the catch:There is this fixed nav menu and when you click a button there, the main content will slide to a target frame. Anyway, I have found a tutorial, but i dont like it:first, it asked me to copy a code into the Actions panel, which I think is not very helpful at all because wel, its a code and it didn't explain on the idea.here's the link:https://www.kirupa.com/developer/flash5/slidingmenu.htm the effect achieved was what I really want... I am wondering if somebody knows something that'll make life easier.


What do you mean you mean they didn't explained the idea?Did you even read the whole tutorial? It was there. And I think that is an easy code to paste. I know some other sites that can help you with this but I suppose it would confuse you more. There are components and extensions for this, just Google it.Maybe you can email me and I can send you what I used for my site.


I Think there's a free flash component for sliding menus in flash at:http://www.developgo.com/
But you can alsow do it in java or javascript with some specific tools, you have to search in:google.com;or betterdownload.com;Anyway, if you can't do it, just tell me wht you want specific, and i do it for you if you want, or just put the questions here.


Yeah What Lyon said go to that links But hey im just trying to get a free site :S so if some1 could help me out tell me!!! I really need 1 for my bros clan in Wolfenstein enemy territory! ! [gr4v1ty] clan


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