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Hey everyone, Please I need help in resolving this issue:I am using Oublisher for designing my website, is it as good as frontpage, and is there any better web designing softwares?Thanks.


aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no way ha ur using publisher, get frontpage or dreamweaver because they are your best bet for creating a website, publisher is way to basic and i ahte to piss on your fire but i woulde get frontpage or dreamweaver they are totally the best web editors, or if you know alot of html and stuff you could easily make it in notpad, i know one person who did that and there site rocks totally,anyways back on the subject yeah thats my guide go on ebay and serach for macromedia dreamweaver or microsoft frontpage,they will be cheaper there but just make sure you get a legal version not some knock off cheap old copy, so anyways good luck wiht the site and i hope you upgrade your web publishing program!good luck


Dont use any of those products. Learn how to write the code yourself and you will make pages well better in all aspects. Publisher is horrible no matter how you use it for websites and it doesnt even give you the option of writing the code. Front Page creates the worst code ever and tends to not always look right in firefox and dreamweaver, if you had to choose one, would be the one you would want since you can write the code and it color codes it and doesnt try to change it and it has a good visual way of creating a site if you dont know how to write it but like i said, if you know how to write the code there are plenty of free tools that are just as good.


Thanks for responding, but can you say to me, honestly, what is the best site designing software? And if I have to learn how to write codes then where can I start learning?Thank you.


Personally, I have to learn it with dreamweaver and hand coding. While you are coding, you should have some code that you don't how to do it. You can ask someone on support forum or create and test it with dreamweaver. It should given you some tip how to do that. As you progress, you could write code with hand without it.


I think that the best way to make a good website without knowing the programing languages is called NVU. You can download it for free from http://www.nvu.com/ . Its really a great program. Unlike Frontpage and Publisher it does not put any HTML code that you do not need. NVU's HTML will always validate. Its a great program and once you try it you won't use anything else until you learn HTML.


If you HAVE to use a software, use FrontPage, Dreaweaver or as wariorpk suggested use NVU ( i havent tried that yet ). But the easier thing to do, is use Notepad to create SIMPLE code for you layout and then use CSS to achieve the desired look. CSS is a very valuable tool that WYSIWYG editors don't really make use of (I don't know about NVU though!). Personally, I create all my sites on Notepad (both, CSS and HTML).


Thanks for everyone who helped, but sorry to be rude I need to ask one more question, how can I edit a template that I had downloaded it without using any codes?


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