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I Am Looking For Free Domains not a redirect but something good


Well, is it possible to get a free domain that you can use with Xisto.com ? because the only ones I have came across you cannot use, eg. .co.nr domains, .cjb.net etc. and I was wondering, if you could get a free domain..be used to have free domains before christmas, but they cost now ;( so does anyone have any links to free domains you can use with Xisto.com, if so, could you please tell me :)Thanks if you do :)P.S. If there was already a topic about this, then I am sorry :\

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It's not that the topic already exisits, it's the fact that you lack the patients for forum search.


However, if you can't find it I have few links for you here:


Free domain discussion

Free .info domain

Giving away .org or .info contest


As per forum rules, please name your title with little more thought and post in the right section. Freebies section is NOT to post for questions but informing of free things already existing. Also pay attention to "SIMILAR TOPICS" under every topic. It shows all related posts with similar interest/topic. That's another reason topic title is important!


Topic title edited and description filled in!


Thanks Buffalo, sorry for not searching and thank you for the links


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