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Hey Guys,

i89.us (/legacy) allows you to save your bookmarks online and access them from anywhere you like. You can organize your favorites and display them on your profile/blogs/websites and access them from anywhere through internet.

Check out what other users are saving and whats hot on internet. Be part of this growing community.

Stayed tuned as i89 is launching video and audio bookmarking with facilities to import.

I use i89 to keep track of my bookmarks, why don't you!!!


Sounds like you need to worry about your privacy, if people steal your bookmarked links spammers can spam your mailbox while your antispam will probably be fooled by all the emails you get of the subject which you do want to receive


ah i remember one site used for saving bookmarks favourmarks.com which was not at all password secure and many people saved their bookmarks and accidently happen to enter one forums through others id though i didn't harm in anyways ,but i think its real unsafe..


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