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Problem With My Upgrade/forum

Deaths Aprentice

I have recently got an upgrade , and my username changed.Now , the problem is , my mySQL database has changed prefix to death_ instead of arnoud_ .So , my forums cant find thgeir database anymore .I was wondering if any of you guys know how to change the settings to the new one...Thanks(PS I hope this is the right place to post )


so you have changed your username to?death or arnoudcan you just change th name back...but if you cant you can find your config.php or what ever it is :S(i think thats what it is in IPB but dunno..)and change the database name ther...

Deaths Aprentice

My old username was arnoud , my new is death.My forum database was called arnoud_ipbv1 or something like that , and its now called death_ipbv1 .The username for the forum was arnoud_forum , now its death_forum ...I didnt change it , admin did.


Well you PM admin and tell nim your problem. I had nearly the same problem when i got an upgrade but mine was that i couldnt log into my ACP. I had to PM admin and he sent my PW via PM.So, you PM admin with ya problems. I am sure he will have a way of sorting it out.

Deaths Aprentice

Aight , I did now .Lets hope he replys


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