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Can We Host Our Own Downlaods? read inside for explanation


I have just received the package 1 and I have started my site and I want to know if we are allowed to host files for download. The kind of files I am talking about are games,music, programs etc that we make ourselves, or have permission to put on our sites from the creators. I have music, games and programs that I want to host on my site, I have created them all myself but Im not sure if I can put them up, and not get my account terminated.


Yes, you are allowed to host downloads. We would prefer if u did not put music on your site. DO NOT HOST:*ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS*COPYRIGHTED MUSIC, GAMES, etc*ANYTHING ILLEGALPlease do not put masses of downloads on your site as your bandwidth affects this communities bandwidth. If you abuse you bandwidth you will probably be warned and possibly deleted, believe me we know who abuses our bandwidth!For game downloads I hope you are meaning uncopyrighted games or flash games, that is ok. But it is reccomende you don't host any flash games over 500kb.As for programs, just the same legality issues, no cracks or warez etc.Hope this helps,obviously since u have package 1 you won't be using your account to the abusement extent I am describing, but please monitor and adjust according to your bandwidth. Eg, remove links to downloads when you find you bandwidth creeping high. Hope this helps


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