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Online Status Indicator (osi) Host



retrieves information about your online status and updates your IM icons in forum scripts or html pages. Some forum scripts already have this functionality built-in.

I'm wondering if it can be setup to run on the Xisto servers too. I don't wanna be depending on some other hosts uptime. Anyway, it is completely optional, just a suggesting!


well at the bottum of the forum,you can see who is online...so why you need an icon?


well yeah, it is for my upcoming homepage and I also hacked my forum scripts to use that service instead of the default icq and msn icons. It doesn't have anything to do with the forum onliners though, it basically displays two different icons for when you are online and offline in YIM, AIM, ICQ and MSN. It is supposed to be able to message you when you click the icons, but that doesn't seem to work.


great idea


this kinda mod/hack is one of the best things


i have not read in the link you have provided

but i can say that the hacks that are supported by the IM protocols are good

but the easiest wasy to acheve that is to you the forum it self. The BB has aleady a online script but its not expanded onto the users profile(VB has it done comprehensively


so find a hack for ipb /im positive that there is one around


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