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Tools And Websites To Promote Websites What tool you use to promote your websit


I'm promoting my websites on forums , and blogs , by gaining backlinks to my websites.I think the better way to increase your website PR , is by having backlinks from .edu blogs and websites and believe me , it's simple to do!And if you want more traffic to your website , i'll give you a small trick ,upload any file or files on forums that are protected with a password * obviously your website URL* , so that curious people will visit your website to check for rekated files!Good luck


All I do to promote my site is visit someone's blog..browse through it and post a comment...if you keep on doing it, you'll definitely earn backlinks..Posting quality contents will definitely boost your site's traffic..but if you're not a writer yourself...try visiting websites that offer free articles you can use...all they will ask you to do is post the article as it is and include the "About The Author". It's fairly easy..just make sure that the articles you'll be posting is related to your site. like posting articles about anime if your site is about anime..and such..Well..Good Luck


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