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Need Help With Databases + C++


Does any of you know any database engine that could be in standalone/embedded mode (with zero administratrion) and at the same time could be in client/server mode? In other words, I need the database to be able to run by itself and when required by the enduser, be able to run in client mode where it connects to a remote database.I looked into mysql embedded but it's still not mature (I spent a day trying to get it to work), although it is exactly what I'm looking for.I also looked into OLE DB however, the msdn docs are full of concepts and are lacking in "how to's". Moreover, I couldn't seem to find information on how to connect to remote databases (although it stated that it could) and how to create zero-administration datasources.... not to mention I'm still confused by its relation with odbc and such.Could anybody offer some advice? Or refer me to a good tutorial site on OLE DB?thanks


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