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Gameservers Your favorite host?


Since a few years I'm renting game servers for wolfenstein: enemy territory, in these few years I've used many gameserver hosts, there are many gameserver hosts, but they all have their pro's and con's, so I'm going to give my opinnion about gameserver hosts I've used in the past...EscapedTurkey.comIs probably the cheapest gameserver host of the planet, (35 slots for 25 dollars) the way they handle the cheap pricing is by giving almost no support, and bulking the servers with accounts. EscapedTurkey does it nicely tho, they have a pretty standart control panel (Usermin) but with the control panel you can administrate everything of your server, they allow you to change mods, install new games, and much more.Overall I would give Escapedturkey a 9 for the pricing, and a 6 for support, a 8 for features, averaging a 7,7ETGameHosting.comHas medium pricing, yet they are not very cheap, and they can't even get close to the pricing of EscapedTurkey. Yet, ETGH.com has very fast and helpfull support. Their servers run very well, fine pings, fps, etc. The control panel is very bad, the only things you can do is start / stop and upload new files...Overall I would give ETGamehosting a 7 for the pricing, a 9 for the support, and a 6 for the features, averaging a 7,3.JFL-Gameservers.nlIs a very good host, with very fast support, very good pings, medium pricing, but they have a very simple control panel where you cant change much by yourself. You can edit the start files if you want to change the SSH querry or add more commands to it... One big downside is that the JFL support staff doesn't speak english very well.Overall I would give JFL-Gameservers a 7.5 for the pricing, a 9 for the support, and a 6.5 for the features, averaging a 7,7.Icehosting.nlIs a host I didn't really like. Their pricing is OK, cheaper as ETGamehosting and JFL-Gameservers, but their support is bad, control panel is limited, lagpikes from time to time, not to mention their administration is bad (They kicked me out because they weren't sending me invoices and I couldn't pay for my gameserver)Overall I would give Icehosting.nl an 8 for the pricing, a 5 for the support, and a 5 for the features, averaging a 6.Clanservers.comI haven't used this host for long (I used it because I was helping someone with his gameserver hosted at clanservers) and I was, well... Pretty exited about the cool looking control panel they had, untill I found out the control panel is filled with stuff not really important to your gameserver (Billing, support etc), as a matter of fact, the only thing you could do was start and restart your server, which isn't very good. Yet, their support is just above average, but it all depends of who's helping you with your problem. Overall I would give Clanservers.com a 7 for the pricing, a 7 for the support and a 7 for the features, averaging a 7.Killerpings.comAlso has a very flashy control panel, and is also filled with useless things, you can see your server's command line, but can't edit it, everything is filled with flash animations, and it takes ages to load the control panel. Their support is well... stupid, they don't know how they need to install things and often do it wrong.Overall I would give killerpings.com a 7 for the pricing, a 5 for the support and a 5 for the features, avaraging a 5,7If you know any gameserver hosts and would like to add your experience or comment on what I've typed, please do so


The people over at JFL-Gameservers have lowered their pricing, and I think they're about the cheapest gameserver host in europe, so if you are looking for a gameserver located in europe JFL-Gameservers might be the best choise available, they also worked a bit on their english, the website is in english in stead of in dutch now




I love the fsl servers of china, i go there to play counter stike every day, Counter strike is a wonderful game , I love it. there servers are great Pentium xeon proceesors, 2 Gb of ram and so many players , i just love these servers.Bye


I dunno if this is the right spot or not, but check out this site.

I liek the idea behind it, and it's fairly easy to set up.


my favorite host is counter-strike.com i love the game counter strike and i decided to buy a host for the game so i can make my own clan and get into the CAL league, a amature league for players who think they are good at playing counter strike. so i ended up buying the server and it only costs me thirty bucks for a 100tic 16 man server and it cost me seven fifty for a hlstats account and then four bucks for the vintrilo server which was a fifty percent off deal. they also offerd web hosting which i tryed but its so complex i cant figure it out.the server it self is so cool its fast never lags and its so easy to use most of the fetures are a click away and some of the things u need to do are html stuff but it has tips in the actual changer so it makes it easy i love the support they supply also most of my questions are problems are resolved instantly the few that are more complex never take more then an hour.i tryed browsing for cheaper and better servers but i couldn't believe that out of all the other services out there the counter strike.com one was the best. it was the cheapesta and had the best support and layout for your server. the others were way over proced it would cost like twenty bucks more just to get the same stuff i already had. and it would be like 66tic or 33 and i hated that


I really hate Gamespy.com!They never have good connnection, and sometimes it will just delete your account without warning.I think they should A) Get rid of it Shut it down and fix it C) Rename it and hope people dont recognize it!I like option A myself.


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