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This site is great. You can upload a bunch of icons, as oposed to 3. It's just like livejournal, only with a LOT more features. It kinda sucks how not that many people go on it, but I seriously think more people should get on because of all their cool offers. they even have video hosting! and image hosting! more space then photobucket too XD so concider giving it a try, k?


I have to agree with you they are just like livejournal because they use the same engine as livejournal. They also have private messaging between users in greatestjournal. I like it but since I have a livejournal account and a lot of my entries are already there I choost to stick around livejournal more. I do like greatest journal don't get me wrong. It is indeed a nice service and has alot of the other great services that you have to pay for on livejournal. However I do have a lot of friends on livejournal. I could make friends on greatest journal I am sure. However I am firmly set in livejournal. Anywy if you have not found a journaling place yet I recommend greatest journal too.


It's built off of the Livejournal code, which is great, because it's open-source. I mean, if I knew a thing about programming, I would readily just...whip out something cool. I guess that's what AP Comp Sci is for


Yea. I always wondered if greatestjournal and livejournal are affiliated with each other, because Xanga uses different kinds of scripts and stuff =/


I too have a greatest journal and I think it's so much better than my live journal. I think the photo galleries are a plus, since you get the 1 gig of photo hosting, which also allows hotlinking! The only problem with the photo hosting is that some of the features on copper mine don't work, such as the ability to see how many views a certain picture has.Other than that, the only problem I have with it is the lack of memebers, but that is steadily growing.


GreatestJournal started out as the free, no-invitation-needed younger brother/sister of Livejournal, so more people tried to wrangle invitations into Livejournal rather than just go with the easier and no worse GreatestJournal because of the cool factor. The main difference between the two is that in Livejournal, you've got to pay to get some of the features, whereas in GreatestJournal, I believe you get all the features for free. Except a few, of course, to make sure that people still believe there's a point in paying for Livejournal.


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