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A Part Of The New Layout :(


I was away for a few days

i came back to discover a new skin

im happy to see it couse this brings individualism to our boards


the thing that bothers me is the banner (annoy's is a better word)

dont get me wrong

overall the thing is good

but the clip is played every time a requests is made (a new post ect..)

this is more then annoying

i have 2 remedies for that issue

one is to simply replace the swf with a jpg of the same content




to set a cookie with a 24hour validation period so when a user enters the board for the 1st time the swf is played and every other time the jpg is shown


i agree. that, or replace it with the leaderboard a*d as before.


I had my speakers turned all the way up because I was listening to music, and the sound scared the hell out of me!I loathe websites when they use such sound effects.


as far as i know some of you including me still see the flash banner (or rather hear it)
and some of you see the GIF

i dont have IPS's files to look into then and back my thesis up but i reckon that is the issue


I use FireFox 1.0 and I get the GIF. It is much better now.


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