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Annoying, Irritating Classmate! Yikes, help me



Hiya, everyone! I need help!

You see, there's this girl in my school...she is probably the MOST annoying person in my life!!!

Whenever I talk to a friend, she starts blabbering about me having and affair or something like that. Then, sometimes she's so nice to me. She acts sooooo~ innocent and friendly.

Oh, yeah...FIY, everyone in my class hates her. She does have friends...friends who're blinded by her 'so called' innocence. Even now, she always sticks with me. I can't get her of my tail!!! I tried talking to her nicely and she starts talking about me and my 'affair' again. Then I glare at her and she just smiles nicely, saying it was just a joke...YEAH, RIGHT!!! She says it all the time!!! 

I always wanted to give her a piece of my mind...I want to tell her to find another person to mock and LEAVE ME ALONE!!! But, the main problem is... whenever she's right in front of me...I just can't say anything bad...but she's done enough damage to my life!!! She's been bugging me for a few years now...HELP ME END IT ALL!!!    I just don't care anymore. I've given her many chances and be nice to her because I understand that she wanted attention. But now I realise she won't change, NO MATTER HOW MANY CHANCES I GIVE HER...NO MATTER NOW NICE I AM TO HER....HELP ME!!!    


you need guts ..lol go boy and say your words to her


you need guts ..lol go boy and say your words to her


lol...thanx for the advice...one more thing...LOL....im a gal....

Anyway... I'm going to a party tomorrow... The 'friend' that the pesky gal says that I have an affair with will be there...and so will the 'innocent' PESKY gal!!!


What do I do??? What do I do??? (I may sound like Courage the Cowardly dog but...) What do I do?????


We're sailing on the same boat girl. I've a classmate and she's also like that. She is good at the first 2hrs of the class and bad(rather psychic) during the last 3 hrs. Damn it. None like her. There aree only two of themso friendly with her(Even their character match her character. YUK!) LOL friendeven I'm suffering the same. LOL!-Sridhar. K


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