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Just My Rant On Fireworks Comparing Graphic Design programs


While I respect Fireworks, I still think Photoshop is a lot more versatile. For those of you who use either, you're welcome to share your opinion. Now, I like how Fireworks MX can correlate with Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and I love the .png images. Fireworks is better with vectors, and it has some neat brushes. But Photoshop seems to be a lot easier to use and .psd's are easier to work with. Photoshop also has several bevel and emboss options that I really appreciate, and it's very fluid to work with. It's one flaw is its cost, if you're going to buy it (e.g., if it's not already installed on your computer). It's sort of expensive for someone who just needs a graphic program.


Now, I haven't tried Paint Shop Pro very much, but I've heard it's very good as well. So...I'll leave it to you guys now


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