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My 100% Validate Xhtml Site finally got the first page up


My Webpage

i finally finished it my latest design xhtml style took some long hours to fix errors resize images and do the coloring but now i can start to propery put my images in a good site.

none of the links are working but thats ok a couple of days i will have the image and download sections up

looking for people to advertise my site and to advertise their site.

pm if you would like to do this the infomation is on the page on what you need.


Nice design, I really like the layout. I used to dabble in web design but havn't for awhile but am planning on getting back into it (hence I showed up here heh) so I've been looking through a bunch of Xhtml stuff... probably be trying to code up a site in it within the next while once I get some free time to sit down and plan it out...but to return to the topic at hand, awesome site. Something about the layout I really like I just can't put my finger on it...


Nice gray design. Nice. It's not uplifting, but at least all the colors are right for each other.I also like how the pages load fast. Kudos.What I don't like is how the stuff on the left side is not inside the wrap...unless that's the way you want it.Since this is not your design, I'll give you a 5/10. There are still some spelling errors and capitalization errors on your site that need fixing. Also, affiliate buttons are usually 88 x 31, not 88 x 30. Just to let you know....The three images at the bottom, Xisto, xisto, and Xisto - Web Hosting, looks a bit out of placed. I'd recommend modifying xisto and Xisto - Web Hosting so that the background is not white. Also, if you can make those images (xisto and Xisto - Web Hosting) 88 x 31, it'll be awesome because it will match the width of Xisto's button. Speaking of banners, are you hosted on Xisto or Xisto - Web Hosting? One says "Powered by Xisto" and the other says "Hosted by Xisto - Web Hosting". Which is it?You could also try to make the margin of the copyright text at the bottom a little bigger, so that it wouldn't look so squished with the banners and buttons.


im with Xisto, why not a better way to advertise XP maybe i should have gone into marketing instead..... nah im too good at what i doyou talking about the menu on the left side or the stats? its the layering which it makes it look good for me i get bored with the standard flat navigation menus but once i get into the adobe template making it should'nt be too hard.


actually i was just thinking if i did a beveled background image ot the site and to the nav menu it might look better hmm i have to put that to notes for this weekend.


AHH! I am suddenly color-blind Nice layout, good loading speed (as with all XHTML sites), and good job with the validating, XHTML is the only way to go. It IS the future of the web. Site recommendation: add some more color.


If you're hosted on Xisto, then modify the Xisto - Web Hosting banner so that it does not say "Hosted by Xisto - Web Hosting". Right now, it looks like you're hosted on two sites, and that's sort of impossible.


That would not be imposible, but I don't think Saint M has the money to co-locate and load balance his website over multiple servers .But a nice website howsoever....but I don't get the point of XHTML, all it is is HTML with better XML compatibility. (I hate XML)


thanks maybe grey and white with a nice blue would go well more notes to make for this weekend


But a nice website howsoever....but I don't get the point of XHTML, all it is is HTML with better XML compatibility. (I hate XML)

Any language which discourages sloppy coding is a good thing.


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