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The best part of being an active part of this society is how AI is being defined. It's not tomorrow, It's already today. I mean (Google, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, AMD such types of hardware and software giants). China is shit scared of this hence they and including Korea trying to reverse engineer it and copy. They know these guys are way way ahead - Good for India 😛
Internet controlled by Google Search and Social Media are just brain washing people to generate content for the AI. Hence Elon bought twitter to be in the big game. His starlink will then be exponentially useful with the data of all politians somewhere enter his starlink and he will decode it.
Anyway... Internet controlled by Google Search and Social Media are just brain washing people to generate content for the AI. The same content is used to manipulate you. The word AI is since all these companies I listed above ever existed. There is nothing called AI but computing of large datasets with programming for an output, which is "us" (a.k.a. common man) WTF! Right! 
Previously, a computer monitor and printer was main output device. There was no internet. So computers worked individually for "us".
After Internet, a Digital Revolution of above corporates with patents and many others from various other countries used it for own gains. Software became comodity. The upper giants "the pioneers" won't let it off so easily.
Who ever owns the flow of data on this planet has the power to control the biggest commodity of output device, which is us! We pay bills and vote whom to pay bills. LOL!
This is AI, which was always there. The word is just marketed so hard so you will accept it and allow it go deeper in your system for more dataSets which is the fuel of AI. Simple words, AI was already there since super-computers and large-networked computer systems were used by yahoo and google and the big Boss - Microsoft.
If all movies you watch are translated with automatic-text no matter  what is the original movie language, there are auto-subtitles generated in your own language , it is easy to encode it into datasets which is why bigdata was invented. Today because of super computing, everyone has a voice profile. Like SIRI and GOOGLE can instantly talk and understand your unique accent. It has a profile of your voice, your face, your finger-print etc. For them, we are a money making ID (including cov-ID - certificate of Validation ID), we are like we are a movie for their algorithms which they have controls to use it for WISDOM (GOOD REASON) or REAL REASON! (money = govt = power = illuminati = world order = "nothing related to common man") But then why a Certificate of Validation? It would had sounded better if World Governments came together spending billions on open-source than Bombs). But the trend looks otherwise for now 🙁 Coming back...
If apollo missions are true, one must accept they were done with 4 MB ram. Todays Super-Computers are gallizion times ahead. Are our devices really running at the capacity and potential they should be? No, because they are hardware designed that way, including the commercial servers. Thats why very few knew that crypto mining using special hardware was better than any computer available in market. That is why, Playstation and XBox work better than expensive computer. The Hardware. Was there a problem making an opensource way to convert them to fantastic OS with better software? Yes. Nothing more than re-writing lots of code from scratch but anyone in Open-Source world willing to do it without funding? Anyway, point is, Big Corporates control this Digital Revolution.
Scary even more is Quantum Computing. Everything has a good reason to spend billions of Dollars and an underlying Real Reason. Which is experemented on us. I wont be surprised people will put brain chips in their brains, but they will be a step ahead to first create a demand for it and then produce an expensive supply. COVID is a good example we all been through. World must thank India supplying half the world free vaccines, Anyway...
Rarely people try to understand todays technology with tomorrows technology because "monarchs who control governments" is already working way ahead in secret technology. Do not the Military have secret advanced technology, supposedly a part of the government? Why do world governments need to keep secrets when it comes to very advanced technology, for military?
Imagine, People running the Govts of this world who are controlling military, what would be their secret technology and commercial tech.?
The Only Weapon we have IMHO : Open Source 
Forgive any spelling mistakes or grammar errors....
PS: This shit is copyrighted by Shridhar M Pare

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