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Graphic Design Worth it?

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I just turned 16 two weeks ago and I am looking into taking graphic design classes in my next 2 years of high school. I have been taking programming classes for my freshman and sophomore year to see if i have any interest in it as a future career choice (spoiler alert: I hated every second of it). I have been messing around in graphic design for a year or so for an online community I help manage. I have had a great time learning and trying to concepts and am interested in pursuing it in college and as a career choice.

I have a concern, however, that it will not pay off as they do not make a lot of money according to my research. One of my friends sort of mocked me when I mentioned that I mentioned him my interest in the field as a career. So my questions listed below are to anyone that is familiar with/works in the field.

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Don't really understand your goal. Do you want to learn graphic design ? Or do you want to learn for free ? Or do you want to earn immediately a lot of money without having to learn something, or without having to work a lot ?

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