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Welcome, Aquamereen!

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Today Aquamereen created an account in http://forums.xisto.com/.

It is possible that she is a one of the first new members who posts in the forum since a long time.

This is enough reason to welcome her.

Welcome, Aquamereen.

She made a very lovely profile .

And her profile picture is just beautiful.

Here is a video to celebrate the arrival of Aquamereen:


And now the stone:
And next the dress off course:

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Wow, this made me smile today! Thank you so much, Belinda :)


I study biochemistry at university, I'm in my final year. I play keyboard in my spare time, and love traveling.


I used to be a member of Xisto a long while back in my teenage years and I had a lot of fun discussions with the lovely people on here. I am back to check this forum out, and I really hope it is still as great as it used to be.


Could you tell me a little more about yourself, Belinda? You have an adorable profile picture!

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Welcome Aquamereen! Glad to see a new face here at Xisto. Hope you will hang around, and don't give up just cause things have been a little slow lately.

Biochemistry, now there's an interesting field. Certainly lots of ground covered there. What fields will you be working in when you graduate, have you decided yet? You certainly have a wide range to choose from, everything from agriculture to medicine.

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