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My Graphics Tablet Has Been Performing Weird Lately

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Because the word "tablet" has become so common, I think I first need to make clear that I am not talking about a Tablet Computer (like Apple iPad, or Nexus 7 etc). I am talking about a Graphics Tablet, an input device which enables a user to draw images and graphics similar to the way they are drawn with a pencil on a paper.


The Graphics tablet I am talking about here is Genius G-Pen M-609X. I had bought it about a year back. Its use was very limited. Just used it for some drawing practice and some stuff for my website. Basically I didn't use it much and it just kept lying aside. About a week back, I got interested in drawing some stuff so I took it back and connected to my computer. The battery (in the pen) was a little swollen but it did work fine. I still avoided the risk of damaging the pen so I changed it. I had lost my drivers CD so I had to find the drivers online. which was fairly easy. And the tablet was functional within a few minutes.


However, I noticed that it was functioning a bit weird. There was this strange vibration of the cursor whenever I used it. I mean like even if I would hold the pen steadily over the Tablet, the cursor would vibrate. And this vibration would get mixed with any kind of motion I gave to the pen. So for instace if I moved the pen straight vertically, the cursor would actually move in a zig-zag fashion.


This translated to tremendous malfunction whenever I tried to draw something. I couldn't even draw a straight line (instead of a straight line I would always get a Zig zag). So practically, I couldn't draw with it at all..


First I thought that it is a photoshop issue and tried to make a few tweaks to the settings but then I quickly realized that even with photoshop closed, the cursor behaves similarly. So it clearly suggested that this is not a photoshop issue


I tried to find the solution online. I found a few like Update drivers, Change batteries, try different usb port, disconnect other usb devices, Disable windows tablet interface and even something like use a spray of water in the vicinity to neutralize any static charge (@huh) but none of these worked.


So as with all other issues that I am unable to solve, I decided to make a fresh install of the whole operating system (windows 7). And I went through the pain of Reinstalling windows, all the drivers, all the software and all the configurations. Though this approach didn't completely fix the issue, but it certainly improved it. The vibrations are still there but they are significantly smaller now and in fact I can draw some rough drawings now. However, I would still like these weird automatic cursor movements to disappear completely...


So any ideas on what would be causing them and how to get rid of them....

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