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Instigating Emotions In Robots - Face

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The biggest success achieved uptill now in being able to give a robot perfect flawless look like that of a human in the name of FACE has come at the doorsteps .

As a byproduct of the latest research conducted by Pisa University scientists to produce one of the most emotional robots ever made - they have come to us with their product called FACE (Facial Automation For Conveying Emotions).

This robot can actually mimic 6 human emotions by utilizing 32 motors in her face.There are 32 motors in this robot's skull and torso that actually helps in recreating 100 plus facial muscles in human face

responsible for expressing emotions.The software used by the team is called HEFES(Hybrid engine for facial expression synthesis) and is an outcome of tireless effort by FACE team members spanning over the last 30 years.

This invention is being considered a huge progress done in the Artificial Intelligence where robots are so flawless that even humans can also get surpassed by them.

The question that arises in my mind is that are we heading towards such a phase where we are finding ourselves in a complete emotional touch deprived state that we have to rely on artificially induced emotional robots?

Or is it just another inner quest within us to see how we humans are capable of instilling life in a lifeless object? This newspiece also puts a question in my mind that what actually differentiates a life bearing creature from that of a lifeless one?

May be the future of robots occupying the place of our near and dear ones is knocking at our door.

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