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My First Impression Of Android Os

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My first impression of android and sony ericsson xperia arcA couple of days back, i got my first android phone. It was the awesome and cool sony ericsson xperia arc. This post is more about the android opeeating system rather than the device itself so i wont waste any time on talking about the great and awesome phone and come straight to how i fel bout the android while I am still new to it.The first time i watched the android operating system was in a video review of an android device. In that video, the os looked very interesting, functional,and fun to use. But when i physically got the chance to feel it, the expeience was even better. After using it for aboiut two days now I can say that it is one of the best mobile operating systems im use today, if not THE best.The interface is smooh and fluent and everthing behaves like it were a fluid. Probably the device also has a significant contribution in the behavior of the os but then it is the os which is making good use of he resources of the device.The best thing so far for me is that i have been able to find almost everything for this OS that i tried to look for. i wrote almost becase there were a couple of things that i couldnt find and my searches online qiickly showed that probabaly those dont exisy for the os yet. But i think i was crazy to look for such stuff for a mobile os. actually i was looking for some alternative to apache web server so that i can test small php applications on it. i now realize thay it is crazy at this level to look for such thing but the os made me believe that this thing could also exist.in short, android is the best mobile operating system that i have used till date. (I am writing this on my android phone so @YOrdan, please dont mind tiny mistakes, if there are any.)

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