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Google's New Algo Update Good news for those affected by Panda

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Yesterday, when I checked my email, I found a newsletter sent to me by webpronews. I like their news letters, because they are very informative and I read almost all of them. This time the news letter was about a new algorithm update from google, which according to webpronews, might be a good news for webmasters affected by panda. The newsletter itself was not of much interest for me, because my website is not among those who were affected by the notorious panda update from google. In fact, I neither saw a rise nor a decline in the traffic I receive from google, so the topic itself was of little interest for me. However, when I read the news letter, I was really impressed by the way the webpronews put the information together. I liked the story they referred to in the newsletter so I thought I would share it with you people here.The story was about the Daniweb forum. Reportedly, daniweb.com was among the top 100 websites which were classified as collateral damage in Google's war against content farms. Lot of websites have written about them that they didn't deserve to be affected by the panda update. Few months ago, I watched an interview of "Dani", the creator of the website. In that interview, she clearly said that all of their content is 100% original and no one by no means can classify them as content farm. She stated that after the panda update, the website is facing a 50% drop in the search traffic from the US. She said that although she is absolutely clear about her site being falsely affected by the update, she would still try to make some changes to make big G happy, so that it start loving her website again.After the recent update, which google's officials classify as a minor update (one of the 500 minor post panda updates scheduled for this year), the daniweb.com has not only restored to the pre panda traffic stats for US but has also exceeded the mark for some other countries. According to daniweb.com, they haven't made any significant changes lately, which could potentially cause such a drastic improvement. And as the improvement is visible directly after the mentioned post panda algo update, most likely this update is behind it. So finally, daniweb's voice has been heard and they are reinstated to their original position.In contrast to daniweb.com, other websites which were also classified as a collateral damage by many, may not be as lucky. There is a great chance that many of them wouldn't have seen such recovery in terms of their search traffic, but at least the silver lining in the dark cloud has become visible. This update clearly shows that Google has realized that panda was not as sophisticated as such a major update should be and that they need to make some changes to make user experience better. I personally think that google is giving too much attention to its competition with facebook lately and may have made some wrong moves in the process. Their supreme authority is search (not social media) and they should be more concerned about user experience on their search engine (not social media). Yes, moving to the social side is a good move but not quickly after making such major updates to their search.Although google repeatedly says that according to their data, search relevancy has increased by some percentage points (I don't remember the exact value) but many users (including myself) have issues with the search. Sometimes (around once for every 10 different searches), I get more non relevant results than relevant ones. In addition, recently I repeatedly see "Shopping Results" for my queries, which I don't like at all. I don't know about others, but I don't like such stuff. Google should recognize the difference between queries meant for search and those meant for shopping. They are mixing their results too much.

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