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Upcoming Mmo Games In July

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Karma Online

Pre-Open Beta: 7/5/2011 ~ 7/19/2011

Karma Online, or Karma for short, is a 3D MMOFPS. The game is set in an alternate reality during World War 2 where Europe is under German control. The war has already extended into the 1950s and is still far from ending. After conquering Europe Germany has one last enemy to defeat – the Soviet Union. Gameplay wise Karma plays a lot like the popular Battlefield games as players can switch between the four playable 'classes' at any time.


Bright Shadow

Closed Beta: 7/8/2011

Bright Shadow is a nicely animated, 3D, anime-inspired fantasy MMORPG published by GamePot USA. The game is set in the fantasy world of Luciena and has a strong emphasis on item collection, community and exploration. Those looking for a simple, lighthearted MMORPG should find some substance in Bright Shadow.


Dragon Nest

(SEA)Closed Beta: 7/13/2011 ~ 7/19/2011

(NA)Open Beta: 7/26/2011

As an action mmorpg, Dragon Nest features well-designed graphics and fast-paced action comparable with console games. The characters' movements, monsters' response and the interaction between landforms and player activities are all designed realistically. When a monster is attacked, it will crash into a stone or another type of obstacle. If you team up with other players, there will be even more combat styles available.


Rusty Hearts

Closed Beta: 7/27/2011

Rusty Hearts bases on the old European city. It's an side-scroll game, and the awesome quality of screenshot will be well-matched with the manga! Players will be able to feast their eyes on the gameplay and enjoy the similar feeling like playing it on console platform when they are achieving the quests.Posted Image

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