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Prototype Pc Review

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I'd been wanting to pick up Prototype for years, but heard it had a lot of problems (mainly with sound card compatibility). Finally, I decided to go for it and found it on Amazon.com for about $8. I must say, I was greatly impressed.In Prototype, you play as Alex Mercer. You wake up in a morgue with no memory (a standard plot device) and find that you have super powers of some sort, along with some conspiracy that involves you and everyone involved wants you caught and killed.First thing that Prototype reminds me of is Assassin's Creed. You basically have Manhattan island at your fingertips to freeroam in, picking up missions to move the story forward, along with a bunch of side missions including absorbing people to get your memories back.The gameplay itself can be somewhat repetitive, but doing these side missions help develop the plot as well as give you Exp Points to purchase new kill methods and attributes (such as higher jumping and whatnot).The plot is quite twisty turny and gives it to you in small doses, which makes you want to play it more and more, and by the end, all the pieces come together to form a cohesive story, which is pretty decent.I had absolutely no crashes, and the only issues I had with audio was the fact that is was really quiet and I had to turn my volume up all the way. The graphics were very good, by 2009 standards, and the gameplay was like Assassin's Creed freestyle running combined in a GTA IV universe. The game world is huge, and takes you awhile to get from one end to the other.I got about 20 hours of gameplay in, and after you beat the game, there is a Story+ mode that allows you to continue to freeroam around the city to play side missions, which is nice. I just paid $60 for Crysis 2 and only got 10 hours, so for $8 for Prototype, I got a hell of a deal in terms of game time per dollar!The game can be hard as hell. There were times I had to reload multiple times to the point of frustration just because some of the boss fights are just downright unfair, but possible. You just need to keep your whits about you.Overall a solid game, and you can't beat the price. IF this was a console port like most games, you wouldn't know it because they did a great job at making this very compatible for a PC gamer. Everything just feels right, and doesn't feel like a cheap port.So while you're waiting for Portal 2, check out Prototype, because it's solid in my book.

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