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Duke Nukem 3d

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Does anybody remember Duke Nukem 3D, the number 1 PC shooting game back in 1996/1997?

Over the past few years the creator of this game, 3D realms, have made the game code for this game open source and various programmers have ported this software onto modern windows xp and windows vista/7.

I have started getting into this game again and really thoroughly enjoying it. It's nice to have a break from the modern games once in a while and go back to the old games! Another thing I like about Duke Nukem is the actions that you were able to perform. For example this is the only game that I know off by heart that you are able to operate elevators, open doors, activate buttons and booby traps by using a button on your keyboard, mouse or gamepad/joystick.

If anyone has Duke Nukem 3D and would like to play online, there are now two big online launchers called yang (yet another netplay guider) and meltdown. Yang can be downloaded from its official website, http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and meltdown can be downloaded from http://duke3donline.com/Players/index.php

The three most popular ports that work on windows xp are XDuke, HDuke and Eduke3d. I personally feel that xduke is the best as it works better on my computer but I know a lot of other people that say eduke32 is the best.

If anyone has the game I will look forward to playing against them online :)

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