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Text Based Gaming Team Looking for help.

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Hello every one, im looking to put togeather a Team for fun gameing i want about 5 people including me. I learned php/mysql on my own but im not that great i know my way around to do it my self but i curntly bounce between free servers (witch sucks) i plan on get my domaine name legionofwar.com. where you 4 brave men come in. I used to have it all set up on godady and a had Dragon Swords compleatly moded and ready to be released bye my self. long story short i had personle problems and was unable to get a pc for a while and well go dady deleated my hard work and i didnt have a back up. so i would like to start the Legion Of War Team where the 5 of us can work togeather and clame this as a team effort. i kinda started ageen https://x10hosting.com/domain-does-not-exist login is having problems ageen so u cant login. i put the front layout on it and a ingame layout wich is compleatly deffrint lol but looks great. i know photoshop cs5 vary well befor my desk top crashed so im on a laptop and it wont run that so im SOL. please post here il if you would like to get on the team. remember no single person take the hole credit for this. no i in team.

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