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Duke Nukem Forever Coming In 2011

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It was way back in 1997 that Duke Nukem Forever was first announced. From 13 years it's kept fans on tenterhooks on whether or not it will be made or not! There was news that it was canceled permanently, or that it would still take a lot of time to make, and a lot more other rumours.But not it has been publicly confirmed that the game is back in development and will be releasing next year for the PC, XBox360 and the PS3. Gearbox Software and Take Two Interactive are bringing this game to the audiences next year, which has seen a long battle over its rights and what-not :) It's amazing that some people are still not bored of waiting for this game, while a lot of people have forgotten about it. It's amazing that the interest has survived through more than a decade, and I think it is most likely to sell like wild on its first day. It's another matter entirely whether or not it will be a hit :D Regardless of how the game is, I think owning this game would be a matter of pride, because of its history. I'm already thinking of ways to start saving to get this game somehow even though I don't have a PC strong enough to play it yet. What about the rest of the gamers here? Are you ready to play the long-delayed game, or have you moved on?

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