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Bioshock 2 thoughts

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Picked it up at Best Buy with a $20 off coupon and got it for $10. Which is good because damn I'm bored already. Gameplay is linear as hell... The story isn't as engrossing as the first one, and overall the game doesn't feel as cinematic as the first one. Multiplayer ... I tried it but most lobbies are empty and only tried a little. There is a level system in place so the more kills and such you get, the more you level and unlock guns... but the bad thing is, that there is hardly any people so they match rank 1 players against rank 50 players, and it's a pwnd-fest. I got my butt kicked and not because I'm a bad player, but it's me fighting with a pistol and level 1 electrocution versus a rank 50 player that has rocket launchers and level 3 fire blast, etc. Not fun :\Going to keep playing single player campaign for the story and probably trade it somewhere.

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