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The Best Get Paid To Write Websites

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In this post you will come to know what are the best get paid to write websites available on the internet today.HeliumIn my opinion helium is the best one of all. Although Associated content claims to pay more than helium but AC has its own drawbacks that I discusses below. For Helium i will give 9 out of 10 marks because of a number of reasons. First of all the best thing I found at helium is that you can write about anything and if you write about something new that is not already present on the site they will give you a 1$ bonus for it. Further more they also give you upfront payment based on the number of stars you are having. They give 0.5 $ per star upfront payment. They will also pay residual income depending on the revenue generated on the ads placed on your article for the life of the article. Another very good thing at helium.com is that you can enhance your earnings by taking part in writing contests and Helium market place from where you can earn a very good amount of money. Helium has its own rating system which is used to judge the quality of the articles written by users and according to this system other users judge the quality not the administrators which is considered a bit of a drawback of the rating system because you cannot expect every user to judge correctly but still helium is number one in my rankings.Associated contentI have heard of this website alot but I never used it because of its major drawback that it pays upfront only to the US citizens. All the citizens of other countries are paid residual income only. Anyhow I have read about this site alot and I think that this website will be better than many others atleast for US citizens.HubpagesThey pay you on revenue share basis where you create pages called hubs and place your own google adsense account ads on it. Half the time the revenue goes to hubpages and half the time it comes to you. It is a very good thinking for those people who do not want to take the headache of SEO and want to write only.

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