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How Is Prince Of Persial The Forgotten Sands?

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I keep posting in the gaming forums but I doubt I'll ever get a reply - my thread about God of War 3 has gone unnoticed and I think this one will meet the same fate as well :P Still I'm posting this because a discussion about Prince of Persia games is always good and if it brings in some myCENTs, why not? :)


I recently bought the box set of Prince of Persia:The Sands of Time Trilogy for the PS2. I already played the three games on the PC and as I wanted to experience them on the PS2 I consider it to be a collector's item. The three games were simply superb and the powers given by the sands of time made the gameplay fun. The new Prince of Persia, released after The Two Thrones was a bit boring because the main character simply couldn't die! So when I heard that a new POP game, featuring a storyline from the Sands of Time saga was coming out, I was very excited about it. It's a shame that it's not available for the PS2 while there's a separate storyline being made for the PSP. Anyway it'll take time to get my PC version of the new game The Forgotten Sands so I wanted to know if anyone over here has played it yet. The reviews have been mostly positive but there have been a few mixed and negative reviews as well. So is there a reviewer available from this forum?!!! :P



EDIT: Don't point out that the title has a typo - couldn't edit it :D

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